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movies section

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Title Wordcount
A beautiful mind 688
A beautiful Mind 602
A Civil Action 453
A critique of Hamlet the movie. 2023
A Dangerous Game of love 1375
A Dry White Season 766
A life-changing book/movie 460
A review of Lord of the rings 1360
a review of the patriot 649
A river run through it 938
A Separate Peace 449
A time to kill – criminal justice 1624
A Versatile Film-maker 1165
Akira Kurosawa, a biography 398
Aladdin 559
Alfred Hitchcock 1278
Alfred Hitchcock 1278
All Along the Western Front 1875
Amadeus 942
Amercan History X- review essay 663
America in Do the Right Thing 572
America in the Popular Imagination 1050
american beauty 1607
American Beauty 340
American Beauty 2 1741
American Culture in the film Good Will H 2713
American Drama and Tennessee Williams 784
American Film Industry 2759
American Historry X 652
American History X 1118
american history x 846
American History X 1382
American History X 2037
American History X 529
American History X 1168
American History X 389
American History X 819
American History X Paper 944
American Pie 1371
American pie 1674
American Pie 396
Amistad 1231
Amistad Response Paper 822
An analysis of the film Fight Club 1533
An Analyzation of the Film American Tong 963
Analysis of Do the Right Thing 837
Analysis of Interpersonal Rela 831
Analysis of Shawsank Redemption 1974
Analysis of Spike Lee’s Do the Right Thi 1463
Analysis of the film JAWS 858
Analysis of The Movie Gettysburg 892
analyzing Vanilla sky 1114
Angela 1049
animal farm 794
anna and the king of siam 608
Antonioni 849
Antwone Fisher 261
Apocalypse now 380
Apocalypse Now 888
Apocalypse Now Analysis 717
Are Disney’s Movies Harmful to Kids? 414
Attilla 1838
Audience in Frankenstein 1759

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