Fine Arts

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arts section

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Title Wordcount
analysis of heart of darkness 1747
A Brief History of the Blues 2487
A character review of the Owl and the Pu 410
A comparision of art and Emilly Dickenso 1706
A Comparison Of ‘Angela’s Ashes’ And Dan 851
A Contemplative Look at Henri Matisse 2169
A Critical Essay on the dramatic play, ” 421
A History of the Beatles 2213
A look at post modern Architecture in Ca 3681
A Piercing Experience Process Analysis o 345
A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man 1793
A Portrait of the Artist As A Young Man 2540
A Post-Modern Age 2868
A Raisin in the Sun 897
A Tale of Two Cities 1032
A tale of two murders 1560
A View From A Bridge- Arthur Miller 1863
A visit to a museum 387
A visual experience 848
Aegean Art 1324
aegean art 2763
African Art 492
Aggression 491
Agony ang the Extacy, Ethical Considerat 759
Akhenaten and his family 260
Akhenaten and His Family and Assurbanipa 915
Alanis Morissette 410
Alba Madonna 367
Allen Ginsburg 818
Amadeus Anaylisis 531
american beauty 1392
American Clock Critique 1132
American Theatre 1089
Amistad 3 797
An action scene 555
An Analysis on the Kafka 1834
An Artist’s Life 1246
An egg 484
An Introspective Look on Fate Concerning 871
Analysing classroom discourse 2661
Analysis of Degas’ Aux Courses en Provin 1110
Analysis of Janet Green’s Still Life Wit 734
Analysis of the Painting 1093
Analysis of the use of lighting in THE G 1004
analyzing Curse of the Starving Class 525
analyzing James Elkins Visual Studies: A 473
Ancient Chinese Art 1334
Ancient Egyptain Art 1373
Ancient Japanese Art 2173
and the band played on 870
Andrea Mantegna: Agony in the Garden 637
Andrew Warhol Art or Not Art 431
Andy is Unsympathetic, I’m A Fool 564
Andy Warhol 867
Andy Warhol 3456
Andy Warhol 2 1016
Andy Warhol and Pop Art 1693
Angels in America 652
Anime Art 337
Apology 358
Arab Art 5499
Archetypes in Raising Arizona 588
Archetypes in Waterworld 391
Architecture 2 719
Aristotle On Art 383
Arms and the Man 1046
Art 578
Art 959
art 489
Art 4217
art 1700
Art 1396
Art 3 479
Art 4 503
Art 5 433
Art Appreciation 287
Art at the Boys and Girls Club 1519
Art Comparison between Modigliani and Vi 782
Art Comparison in Winslow Homer’s, “Haym 857
Art During the Qing Dynasty 460
art essay 1068
Art Essay 681
Art Fresco commissioned by Pope Clement 487
Art History & Culture 537
Art History 101 Comparison of Late Egypt 1692
Art History Entombment and Adoration of 1884
Art in the nineteenth century 1419
Art Nouveau 2761
Art Paper 1547
Art values 655
Artemisia Gentileschi’s Judith slaying H 648
Arthur Miller – A view from the Bridge 803
Artists 637
Artists should pay little attention to t 591
artists works 1222
artworks review 662
as you like it 432
As you like it 1540
Asian American Studies- American Ethnic 6083
Asian art 2308
Assyrian Art 1133
Attic Red Figure Amphora-Loutrophoros An 691
august sander, a german photographer 1473
Augustus of Primaporta 505
Austin Museum of Art 757
Autumn Rain 410
Awakenings-awakenings within movie 822

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